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Payment & Cost Information

Juvenile Diversion (charged through Family Court):

  • $100.00

Adult Diversion (charged through District Court):


What to Know and Expect When In The Court Diversion Program

You do not have to go through the Court Diversion Program if you don't want to.

Court Diversion is confidential under Vermont Statute. We will not talk to anyone without your written permission.


What Should I Expect In The Youth Substance Abuse Safety Program

The Youth Substance Abuse Safety Program (YSASP)  is NOT voluntary. Vermont Statute requires you complete it if you have been issued a civil ticket for alcohol consumption or possession.

The fee for the Youth Substance Abuse Safety Program is here.


I Am a Parent

We do not expect parents to pay the fee for their child. One of the primary focuses of the Court Diversion Program and the Youth Substance Abuse Safety Program is to promote and teach responsibility.


Becoming a Volunteer / Review Board Member


Review Board Members serve regularly on the Court Diversion citizen Review Boards. After reviewing the case summary and background investigation information, Review Board Members interview Diversion candidates by asking questions that will effectively elicit information as well as offer the candidate an opportunity to learn from the context of the questions.