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    Community Panel Members serve regularly on th...

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Becoming a Volunteer / Panel Member


Community Panel Members serve regularly on the Court Diversion Community Restorative Panels. Panel members hear criminal cases referred by the State's Attorney to the Diversion program. 

After reviewing the case summary and background investigation information, Panel Members interview Diversion candidates by asking questions that effectively elicit important information pertaining to the offense as well as offer the candidate an opportunity to learn from the context of the questions.

Panel Members then discuss whether to accept or reject each case for Diversion. Upon acceptance, Panel Members work together with the participant to set restorative conditions in a contract which the participant completes to make amends and repair any harm caused by thier offenses.


  • Prospective Board Members are required to observe at least two full Review Board Meetings and will be interviewed by the Program Director or designee.
  • The expected level of commitment for Review Board Members is to serve once a month and attend periodic training sessions.
  • Review Board Members are encouraged to attend training sessions offered by the Program and to take advantage of other available training materials.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Respect for confidentiality is mandatory.
  • Good motivational interviewing and communication skills are useful.
  • Objectivity, common sense, compassion, concern, and a fair sense of justice are important characteristics of Court Diversion Community Panel Members.
  • Awareness of community resources within Chittenden County is very helpful.

How to Apply

  • Submit a resume to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Panel Members must be 16 and older to serve.