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Services - How it Works

A Review Board examines every case and interviews each candidate before deciding whether or not Court Diversion is appropriate.

If accepted into the program, a contract  is prepared and offered to the participant. A refusal to accept the case by the review Board or non-completion of the contract by the participant leads to the failure of the program and the continuation of formal court proceedings.

The Court Diversion contract created by the  Review Board is essentially the heart of the Program, and therefore receives careful consideration in order to ensure the desired impact on each participant.

Examples of contract conditions might be:

  • Restitution to any victim for property loss or damage.
  • An apology to the victim.
  • Community Service Work.
  • Research and write a paper.
  • Perform job searches.
  • Some form of Counseling.

Contract conditions are carefully monitored by a Diversion Case Manager. Once each condition is satisfactorily fulfilled the case is closed. Failure to meet the contract requirements results in the case being returned to the State's Attorney Office for resumed prosecution.

The Court Diversion Program is the only post-charge, pre-conviction, community-based alternative to court in the State of Vermont!

How to become a Volunteer / Review Board Member